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War Co. Card Game - Pangea Board Games
War Co. Card Game - Pangea Board Games
War Co. Card Game - Pangea Board Games
War Co. Card Game - Pangea Board Games

War Co. Card Game

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“[A] very smart game with a unique theme and glorious art! I loved the interesting decision points and tension generated by the connection between your deck and your life and the limitations imposed by the energy concept.” -Milena Guberinic, Mina’s Fresh Cardboard


War Co. is a 45-60 minute post-apocalyptic sci-fi card game for 2-6 players.

Set after the War of 2620, War Co. is about war, scarcity, and making hard choices. The objective: run your opponent out of cards. You can win with raw muscle, unpredictable traps, or plain old patience.

Every set of War Co. comes with the following:

  • 6 decks with 50 cards; 300 cards total
  • 1 reference and story card per deck; 6 total
  • 1 strategy tips card, specific for your deck; 6 total
  • 6 punchout boards with 35 counters each – blue on one side, yellow on the other
  • 1 manual per deck; 6 total


“A lot of care is given to every facet of this game and it quickly pays off. War Co. is a snappy affair that plays quickly and punches above its weight class. 

Discovering combos and manufacturing clever plays provides a steady dopamine drip… Knowing [your opponents] can do the same thing keeps your knee bouncing and your stomach dropping.” -Rafael Cordero, Ding & Dent Podcast


“I am impressed with War Co. This is a good game, plain and simple. After playing, I can tell it is well thought out, designed, and put together. I would definitely recommend this simple, yet well thought out and surprisingly tactical game of dueling.” -Grant Kleinhenz, The Players’ Aid


"[I]t manages to fill a niche in my collection - it has all the quickness and brevity of Star Realms, but very little of the arbitrary and uncontrollable synergy. You're not curating a deck hoping that the stars align long enough for you to wipe out an opponent. You're directly dueling them through the careful deployment of your most effective cards.

...War Co. then has got a little bit of the subtlety of Netrunner as a result - there's a whole espionage and counterespionage subgame in here if you want to indulge in it." - Michael Heron, Meeple Like Us


"This game is a solid and fun game. It is simple and yet very strategic. There are some rather beautiful mechanics to this game I really enjoyed like having the deck be your life...

I have played several Living [and Expandable] card games that have never made it much further than the Kickstarter, but non are as thought out or as mechanically well-designed as this one." - Dez, Australian Tabletop Gaming Network


"[Reccomended for] those who enjoy epic sci-fi ship battles or long game strategy. The theme is perfect! I can't wait to get more of these cards and build decks of my own." - Kevin Fannin, Board Game Monthly


"Some of the best art I've seen." - Eric, What's Eric Playing