Big worlds in small boxes


Pangea Games makes small box board games with rich, lived-in worlds and lots of strategy. Our first game, War Co. Expandable Card Game, is set after the devastating War of 2620. We have two upcoming games. The first is Yesterday’s War, a small box worker placement game set 50 years after the apocalypse. The second is Tasty Humans, a small box tile placement game for 2-4 players where you play as a giant fantasy creature with an empty stomach.

In 2015, Pangea Games was started by Brandon Rollins. Known commonly as Brandon the Game Dev, he pursued his childhood dream of creating a card game and published War Co. Expandable Card Game. Pangea Games is also known for being home to a Discord server with over 1,200 game devs and a Facebook group that does weekly board game giveaways.

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