Tasty Humans is a 30-60 minute, tile-laying, pattern-building game for 1-4 players.


You are a fantasy monster trying to sate your insatiable appetite. As you and your fellow monsters toss around the village king, you attract a steady buffet of adventurers who try – poorly – to put up a fight!

Take turns selecting which adventurers to consume, dropping various body parts into your stomach. Once you or another monster fills their stomach, the most satisfied monster wins!

Tasty Humans is all about putting together a great meal. Every great meal starts with the right ingredients, found in the Attacking Adventurers Grid. When you eat an adventurer, you’ll get to place delicious tiles in your stomach. (More on that in Step 2).

Adventurers give up when you decide to eat them. Their friends, don’t, though. You can take damage from other adventurers.

  • Swordsmen: For each swordsman adjacent to the adventurer, take a damage tile.
  • Archers: For each archer two spaces away in a straight line to the adventurer, take a damage tile.

Other adventurers can have all sorts of weird effects if you eat them.

  • Wizards: If you eat one, two adjacent tiles in your stomach – of your choice – swap places.
  • Captains: If you eat one, adventurers get real spooked and run away. If their banner shows a vertical arrow, adventurers in the same column of the grid run away. If their banner shows a horizontal arrow, adventurers in the same row run away.
  • Clerics: If you eat one, remove one damage tile. They’re great when you have a stomachache.

After choosing an adventurer, eat any damage you take. Then decide how to drop the adventurer into your stomach.

Each card shows a shape consisting of two to four basic tile types (helmet, armor, boot, and hand). Choose how you want to rotate the shape and which columns the tiles will be dropped into.

Once dropped, tiles fall all the way to the bottom of your stomach, sometimes breaking the original shape apart!

Adventurers never learn. When one is eaten, another one takes their place!

On the Attacking Adventurers Grid, slide cards downward as far as possible, and refill with a new adventurer from the top.

How do you know how satisfied you are with a meal? The answer is Leader Tiles. Leader Tiles are dropped into your gut after each round of play. Where other tiles are in relation to Leader Tiles plays a big role in your final score! The scoring rules for each Leader Tile differ based on the title. 

Once you tally up the points received for Leader Tiles, subtract points for any sets of damage tiles which are touching in your stomach. Then add points for meeting the conditions of your Personal Craving, which is written in the top left of your board. 


Download Tasty Humans Rulebook