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Become a monster. Eat villagers. A puzzle-solving, tile placement board game for 1-4 players.

Tasty Humans Board Game

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Richard Ham, Rahdo Runs Through

Tasty Humans blows me away. I am so surprised, pleasantly, by the depth that is on display. (Watch review)

You are a fantasy monster trying to sate your insatiable appetite.

How to Play

Step 1: Choose an Adventurer to Consume

Tasty Humans is all about putting together a great meal. Every great meal starts with the right ingredients, found in the Attacking Adventurers Grid. When you eat an adventurer, you’ll get to place delicious tiles in your stomach. (More on that in Step 2).

Adventurers give up when you decide to eat them.

Step 2: Eat the Delicious Adventurer

After choosing an adventurer, eat any damage you take. Then decide how to drop the adventurer into your stomach.

Each card shows a shape consisting of two to four basic tile types (helmet, armor, boot, and hand). Choose how you want to rotate the shape and which columns the tiles will be dropped into.

Once dropped, tiles fall all the way to the bottom of your stomach, sometimes breaking the original shape apart!

Step 3: Reveal the Delectable Adventurer

Adventurers never learn. When one is eaten, another one takes their place!

Step 4: Tally Your Score

How do you know how satisfied you are with a meal? The answer is Leader Tiles. Leader Tiles are dropped into your gut after each round of play. Where other tiles are in relation to Leader Tiles plays a big role in your final score! The scoring rules for each Leader Tile differ based on the title. 

Once you tally up the points received for Leader Tiles, subtract points for any sets of damage tiles which are touching in your stomach. Then add points for meeting the conditions of your Personal Craving, which is written in the top left of your board. 

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Tasty Humans Board Game

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Rahdo Runs Through Preview

Raf Cordero, Ding & Dent

I was very impressed; definitely one of the most polished prototypes I've played to date... Works super well and we both enjoyed the spatial puzzle and reacting to what the deck was dealing out.

Benjamin Kocher, Everything Board Games

I'm a fan of Tasty Humans (the game, not the entree). I like the theme, I like the mechanics, and I like the strategy. All the combined makes a really good game ...I'm going to enjoy bringing this out for a long time to come.

James Lang, Vorpal Board

We have really enjoyed our time so far with Tasty Humans. ...The game has great art and really nails the theme from top to bottom.

Jorge Zhang (Rulebook Review)

The rulebook was excellently written, and I appreciate the graphical design [sic]. I was able to have a solid grasp on the game without even reading the accompanying text.

Steph Hodge, All the Meeples of the Rainbow

I had a great time with [Tasty Humans]. ...I really like the puzzle aspect to this game.

Matt, The Friendly Board Gamer

A brilliant fantasy tile laying game where you play the monster trying to eat the plucky adventurers. Love it.

The Hungry Gamer

There is so much good about this game. I LOVE the art. I am a big fan of the mechanics of the game as well.

Tasty Humans Board Game

Regular price $34.99 Sale price $24.99
Unit price  per 

Full details