War Co.


1 Hour · 2-6 players · Age 14+

Your deck is your life. Survive at any cost.


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What is War Co.?


During the War of 2620, the War Machines Company profited by selling dangerous machines to wounded societies. Now in 2796, small and isolated groups of people must survive at any cost, using the remaining artifacts of a war from the distant past.

The objective: run your opponents out of cards. Your deck is your life. You can attack to make enemies lose cards faster, bide your time and make precise strikes, and lay traps to trick opponents with dangerous traps and combos.



War Co. comes in six decks – Bruiser, Conspirator, Guerilla, Militant, Trickster, and Wildcard. You can play out of the box or you can mix and match decks to create your own personal strategy.

War Co. is a medium-weight game. Many have favorably compared it to Netrunner or Star Realms.


What makes War Co. special?



300 original sci-fi art pieces by James Masino. All War Co. art was created for this game. Every single card has its own art.

Easy to learn, hard to master. You can learn how to play War Co. in just 20 minutes, but it takes hundreds of games to truly understand all its complexities.

Complex decision points around elegant conceptsWith limited space, limited energy, and cards that double as your life, War Co. is full of complex interactions based on simple constraints.

Multiple paths to victory. Whether you play aggressively or defensively, whether you love risk or hate it, you can find a winning strategy in War Co.


Buy all six decks for $69.99
Free shipping to USA


What is it like to play a game?


Deck Creation: You can play out of the box or mix and match decks to create your own strategies. It’s easy to get started and the possibilities are endless.

Hand Management: War Co. is about scarcity and making hard choices. Every turn, you have to discard a card – especially zovirax painful since cards are your life!

Take That: You want to be the last person standing at any cost, even if that means taking every one out first.

Bluffing: Playing cards facedown allows you to hide information in plain sight. You can lure your opponent into a trap or hide the true extent of your weakness.


What’s in the box?



6 Decks with 50 Cards each

6 Sheets of 35 Yellow Counters

6 Sheets of 35 Blue Counters

6 Rule sheets – 1 for each deck

1 Tuckbox for Counters


Who likes it?


Milena Guberinic, Mina’s Fresh Cardboard
A very smart game with a unique theme and glorious art! I loved the interesting decision points and tension.
  Rafael Cordero, Ding & Dent
A lot of care is given to every facet of this game and it pays off.
  Dez, Australian Tabletop Gaming Network
It is simple and yet very strategic. There are some rather beautiful mechanics to this game.
  Michael Heron, Meeple Like Us
You directly [duel your opponents] through the careful deployment of your most effective cards. War Co. has the subtlety and nuance of Netrunner…there’s a whole espinoage and counterespionage subgame in here.
  Grant Klienhenz, The Players’ Aid
This is a good game, plain and simple. After playing, I can tell it is well thought out, designed, and put together.


Buy all six decks for $69.99
Free shipping to USA


What if I don’t like it?


Not a fan? Don’t worry! Every set of War Co. comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Email Brandon at Pangea Games.
  2. Mail your cards to Pangea Games.
  3. We get the cards, you get the money!

The 30 day period starts when you receive the cards, not when they leave Pangea Games. Cards must be in good condition to receive a refund.



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Buy all six decks for $69.99
Free shipping to USA